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This page is currently under construction and more content will be added as time permits.

Many computer tips and configuration changes I use to optimize computers will be posted here with related videos.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

While you may already know some of these, I realized how much one in particular is very useful.

I am still shocked how many people do not pin applications to their Taskbar and still go to Windows menu to open Excel! Maybe this will change that?

I used to keep my most used icons to the right on my Taskbar.

Per the Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts document, and why I moved Excel and Word to the left most positions of my Taskbar, is that I can now simply open Excel with my left hand! This is faster amd more efficient than reaching for and moving my mouse.

I can now open Excel simply by pressing Win+1 with my left hand. Win+# will open the application by # position on the Taskbar. Since Excel is listed first or in position #1, Win+1 opens Excel, Win+2 opens Word, etc.

Some other tips:
  1. Win+0 = Win+10, opens application #10 in your Taskbar.
  2. Win+12 or Win+16 will open application #2 and #6 respectively! Not #12 or #16.
  3. If application is already open, Win+# makes that current window. So, if you are in Outlook (or any application) and Excel is already open and you want to go to Excel, Win+1 (for me).
  4. Want to see the MRU (Most Recently Used) list for an application on your Taskbar? Win+Alt+1 displays the Excel MRU for me.

I hope you find these useful. Like a lot of training I do, not everything is for everyone…your mileage may vary. However, knowing something can be done may help later and make you a better Googler?

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Windows 10 PIN

If you work somewhere that requires a long complicated password or you want to simplify your logon at home or work, Windows 10 login can be configured to use a PIN instead of your password. The requirements are much less stringent. A PIN is a short numeric code.

Windows 10 PIN Setup
  • Windows \ Start button
  • Settings
  • Accounts
  • Sign-in Options
  • Windows Hello PIN
    • Prompt will ask for your current logon password
    • Prompt will then ask for you to provide a numeric PIN

Before you do this, send yourself an e-mail or do what helps you best remember what your password is. At some point in the future you will need to know your password. At work, you most likely have a password policy that requires you to reset your password every 30 days, 45 days, or some other time frame.

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Windows 10 Configuration Tips

Brighten Windows Taskbar

I prefer a lighter shade than default darker shade applied to the Taskbar.

  • Windows Key WIN + I (Windows Settings)
  • Personalization
  • Colors
  • Choose your color (drop-down menu)
  • Light

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Computer Configuration Tips

I decided to put tips related to computer configuration here. These are items which are classsified as those things you do to customize, configure or change settings to programs or applications not specific to Windows 10, or future versions of Windows.

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Create .csv file with members of Microsoft Teams: PowerShell - Get Microsoft Teams Members.docx

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Microsoft Sysinternals

Link below is Excel file that uses Power Query (web query) to get updated list of all Sysinternal applications. One list is sorted alphabetically. The other list in PivotTable format lists the applications in descending order showing most recently updated applications first. A helper table exists to allow user to highlight their favorites to facilitate knowing when updated files are available.


Please note, the last build date differs from the posted or publish date on web page of each utility. The date differential is testing period.

My favorite Sysinternals utilities are also listed under Freeware Favorites on home page.

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